About our company

BlackFire Technologies is a full-service residential and commercial custom electronics and design integration company.  We specialize in engineering, maintenance, and programming automated systems as well as managing and consulting services on each phase of our clients’ projects.  With a creative and innovative approach to design, BlackFire is uniquely equipped to bring you cutting-edge solutions wile partnering with architects and contractors to ensure a flawless installation.

The BlackFire team has extensive experience serving the Hospitality, Casino, Healthcare, Higher Education, Commercial and High-End Residential institutions throughout the United States with clients ranging from Pinnacle Entertainment and UNLV to Vegas Motor Speedway.  The number one priority of BlackFire is to provide the best products and services to our clients no matter the size of the project.

With years of experience in our industry, BlackFire is the premier choice for comprehensive integrated solution services.  Our mission is to create business relationships built on trust, providing our clients with a quality end-product that exceeds their expectations and simplifies their lives.

I was blown away with the end product BlackFire Technologies delivered.  The level of programming is head and shoulders above the competition.  My smart home system makes adjustments before I even think to make them myself.  They’re the best in the business.

Clay Baker – ESPN Producer

In a world where we can now control the audio, video, thermostat, lighting and security systems of our homes and offices remotely through an app on our iPhones, where can we go to get the most out of our systems?  BlackFire Technologies of Las Vegas would be a very wise choice.

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