Kenneth Mapoy

Having started programming at a young age, Mr. Mapoy has had years to hone his skills into what they are today. With a BS degree in Computer Science from Columbia University and twenty years of Technology Integration and Software industry experience Mr. Mapoy has become one of the most talented in his field. Mr. Mapoy has been able to consistently deliver outstanding end products for clients due to his meticulous attention to detail while devising programming solutions to intricate automation tasks. Mr. Mapoy is a Crestron CTI - Master Certified Programmer proficient in C#, C++, VB, Flash Actionscript, Visual Studio, and .NET technologies. In addition to these skills Mr. Mapoy is certified in Crestron DMC-E, D, T as well as BSS Soundweb London Architect Audio. Mr. Mapoy’s expertise naturally translates into design because of his understanding of inner workings of the system. As an expert on designing integrated solutions for commercial and high-end residential projects he can deliver solutions to clients’ needs that surpass their expectations in functionality and simplicity.

joshua and kenneth

Joshua Parent

Mr. Parent has an extensive history working in the construction industry with over 14 years of experience. Having started out in residential construction Mr. Parent has a unique understanding of the importance of working closely with the home owner throughout each stage of construction so that the project develops properly with each evolving idea. After earning a BS degree in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University, Mr. Parent worked in construction management with Turner Construction on large commercial projects in Boston, MA. Mr. Parent moved from construction management into the construction consulting field where he performed delay analyses on high profile commercial projects in litigation ranging from Wembley Stadium to the Burj Khalifa. His past positions have specifically prepared him to oversee the installation team and understand the flow of residential and commercial projects so that they are executed efficiently.

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