Design, Engineering and Consulting

System Design and Engineering

BlackFire Technologies is a provider of system design and engineering services, helping you to conceptualize and realize cutting edge, functional and cost effective solutions derived from 35 years of combined experience in the construction and technology industries. BlackFire personnel take pride in their designed and engineered systems that meet all needs of customer requirements, exceed in intuitive functionality and provide for scalability and maintainability.

Technical Specification and RFP Generation

BlackFire designers and engineers, interfaced with requirements analysts and technical writers, can provide customers with detailed technical specifications for technological projects. RFP documents can be generated from these specifications with distribution and responses managed by BlackFire.

Technical Documentation

BlackFire designers and engineers possess industry certifications and extensive experience in utilizing current CAD software to generate coherent and scalable schematic documentation and detailed system layout documentation.

Owner Representation Services

Many projects require experienced and knowledgeable representation in order to make cost-effective and timely decisions. BlackFire can provide extremely qualified individuals paired with specifications, documentation, and RFPs for your project on a part-time or full-time basis for any technological discipline of your project.

Auditing Services

Our team of estimators have life-long experience in the industry, allowing us to provide professional auditing services based on real installation data from across the country. We can provide a simple review of a quote or full estimates detailing all costs.  If desired, our team can even review and settle pricing discrepancies with your contractors.  Our team will make certain you are not overpaying.

Black Fire Technologies