Integration and Construction

Audio/Video Distribution

BlackFire audio/video distribution solutions are designed to use the latest technologies in digital and analog matrix distribution.  Whether your solution requires multi-zone audio distribution in stereo or 70/100V or end-to-end video distribution of a matrix of SD, 2K, 4K, and streaming video signals, BlackFire possesses expertise in these technologies and experience in deploying scalable distributed audio/video systems.

Home Theater

The BlackFire team considers Every aspect of your home theater during the design process; Audio optimization, placement of the seating, whether the speakers and projector are to be hidden, and even room lighting are taken into consideration.  All these facets are meticulously planned out in order to ensure the best big screen experience from the comfort of your home.

Video Surveillance & Security

Facility video monitoring and security is essential for loss-prevention and safety.  BlackFire can secure your facility with the latest technologies in surveillance and security systems. View your HD cameras from your mobile device or computer, get real time alarm notifications through email or text, and control access or entry to your facility.

Custom Systems Software Development

BlackFire can provide robust software solutions to meet your needs.  From intuitive user interfaces, software framework design, to straight coding, BlackFire’s experience covers many different technologies and disciplines of software development.

Gaming Sports Books

Gaming Sports Books require highly extensive audio-video distribution systems and complex software to operate them fluidly.  BlackFire possesses practical application experience of the deployment of these systems in some the largest Sports Books venues including venues in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  BlackFire can provide Gaming Sports Book integration services on all technological fronts.

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